Saturday, October 6, 2007

We do not hold grudges in this house

The embargo on substantive posts continues (y'all, we have head colds and overpowering superstitions, and if you look over at the sidebar, better men and women have it covered). But we have a couple of notes:
  • Manny Ramirez, you are forgiven for the first eight innings of last night's game.
  • Jason Varitek, we ain't mad at ya for going 0-4, since the Globe brought this to our attention:
    "I remember when I came to the clubhouse today," Ramírez told Mota, "Varitek told me, 'Hey, you can't leave Boston without a home run.' I said, 'You know it.'
    Excellent game plan, sir.
  • Jonathan Papelbon, you are forgiven for putting your pants back on.
  • J.D. Drew, you are forgiven for not being Stephen Drew.
  • As far as we're concerned, David Ortiz has never done anything wrong, or we'd forgive him, too.
  • And, oh, Josh Beckett, for your Game 1 performance, we forgive you five to six bad relationship and/or facial hair choices. Don't make us regret it.


Colin said...

Not being Stephen Drew? I dunno...after watching the D-backs manhandle the Cubs, methinks JD should step up to outdo the sibling.

lucky number 33 said...

Agreed. We thought he made a good start toward catching up, but that was before today's game.

The ante is up, slim J.D. Can you bring it, or are you gonna be the family bitch until Thanksgiving?

Texas Gal said...

Now, now, now- let's not go too far. Papelbon should never be forgiven for putting his pants back on. I think we should stay in Pants-Off Dance-Off mode until, you know, November.

Don't you know JD was watching tonight's game, and went, "DAMN. Can't I ever just be the golden child, just once!"

KLN said...

Not to mention, Schill also gave Tek all the credit for calling the game today. So, excellent game plan, part deux!

Anonymous said...

i guess schilling learned his lesson after the almost no for drew depending on who we play for alcs....if its the indians ..i will be wanting the d'backs so maybe (i know its a little late) we can see j.d earn his paycheck...

TK said...

Part of me wants Pap to party and pitch in shorts and goggles.

Oh, happy day.

Kristen said...

The JD/Stephen Drew thing is like the Peyton/Eli Manning thing. Except in reverse.