Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We do not believe Jacoby Ellsbury when he says he isn't offended by the mascot . . . in this house

10/16/07: Red Sox 3, Indians 7

Notes on a scandal:

1. No, really, what was the point of showing the Aaron Boone HR from 2003 before the game?

2. First, the disclaimer: Jennifer admits that she has crazy psychological reasons for disliking the Team from Cleveland and is no way unbiased when talking about them.* Second, the question: if you were a Cleveland fan, would you carry a giant sparkly cut-out of the mascot as a sign or would you want to distance yourself from that particular symbol of the team due to it, you know, being pretty fucking offensive? Let's not even get into the Chief Wahoo face paint.

3. Bright sides: the back-to-back-to-back home runs, Jon Lester pitched well, Jason Varitek can't blame himself for the loss.

4. Less-than-bright sides: the fifth inning, grounding into double plays, the fifth inning, stranding people on base, the fifth inning, shots of sad Wakefield, the fifth inning, a complete inability to string together runs, popping out on the first pitch, the fifth inning, losing.

5. If 2003 was Cowboy Up and the 2004 squad were the Idiots, does that make the 2007 Red Sox the Sybils?

* For comparison purposes, let's just say that for her losing to Cleveland is roughly equivalent to losing to the Yankees if you're a normal Red Sox fan. Chat logs from the series thus far feature such highlights as, "I hate them, I really really hate them", "I think...Grady Sizemore might be my Derek Jeter", and "I am trying to at least be happy for the children, but then the players show up in their racist hats and play good baseball and make me want to cry."


Acey said...

Those incredibly racist hats are beginning to disturb me more than the untimely Sox slump. So I laughed outright at the title of this post. I think JE must have been in serious diplomatic mode when he made that claim of non-offense. I sort of need to think that rather than thinking what he said is what he truly thinks & feels in his heart of hearts. If I thought there was the slightest chance he'd read it, I might write him a letter on the subject.

Texas Gal said...

Jacoby's in a difficult position, being just a baby rookie and then being asked to comment on an explosive, political-type issue like that. He really couldn't have responded any other way without sounding too big for his britches, and everyone would have written it off as just preemptive sour grapes by an obnoxious Red Sox player.

Let's see... what other things can I ramble on for a paragraph about here so I don't have to talk about the last 3 game results... help me here... (trying to desperately to distract myself)

lucky number 33 said...

In response to both comments, we agree that Jacoby, as a baby rookie and a Red Sox, really wasn't in a position to answer in any other way. He's in a tough spot. (That said, we also think that Cleveland should at least change their hats over to the ones with their fancy I on them. Just an idea.)

And, Texas Gal, how about we just focus on the important things? Like Tek's playoff scruff. That's distracting in a good way, or at least we think so. ;)