Sunday, October 28, 2007

We do not drink Coors in this house

Thoughts We Thunk During Game 3 of the 2007 World Series:

1. The towel-twirling? Still pretty annoying. We've thought so whenever we've encountered them during this post-season--including the NLCS, which, in all honesty, we had no real opinions on other than a vague idea that late October baseball in Denver sounded cold*--so it's not just the Post-Cleveland Stress Syndrome talking here.

2. That Tulowitzki kid's a pretty damned fine shortstop, isn't he?**

3. Daisuke! With the hitting! We love to see an American League pitcher overcome his bafflement--"why is the ball coming at me?"--to give himslf run support. The fact that he wore his little jacket on the basepaths elevated it from fun to fabulous.

4. Were Caroline to design a Manny Delcarmen Band tour T-shirt, you'd all buy one, right?

5. John Farrell's been talking up Jason Varitek like crazy lately. In every interview we've seen/read/heard with him lately, he's all, "no, really, you can't overemphasize what he means to our pitching staff." We have concluded that this means that John Farrell is totally on board with our "Get Varitek as Pitching Coach When He Retires" plan. Viva!

6. Javier Lopez: still not a lefty specialist. Still not recording any outs. May still be good looking, but we were too busy hiding our eyes.

7. Dancing for Mike Timlin is a great source of cardiovascular exercise.

8. Yelling, "Catch that! Stop them! OMGWTF!" and smacking yourself repeatedly in the forehead also gets your heart rate up. As does yelling, "OH FUCK YOU FUCK YOU SO HARD, MATT HOLLIDAY!" when he hits a three-run homer (look, the combination of that and the towels and the no fucking outs might've lead to some crazy Cleveland flashbacks, okay?). These are obviously the sort of cardiovascular activities that lead directly into cardiac arrest, however, and they are not recommended by any primary care physician with a license.

9. Our rookies: let us show you them.

10. Mikey Lowell really did steal third there, right? I mean, we weren't hallucinating that or anything, were we?

11. Tim McCarver thinks Jason Varitek should be a sergeant major in the army. Or maybe he thinks Varitek is actually in the army. Silly McCarver. Everyone knows that Superman works alone.

12. No, really, our rookies. We want them to continue their little "anything you can hit, I can hit harder" game in the one-two spots for the remainder of the series and for years to come. They should also feel free to incorporate tap dancing.

*Nine out of ten Youks agree!

**Look, we know we've all said that about pretty much every opposing SS we've faced this season (with the exception of Jeter, who is, contrary to McCarver's belief, not a very good defensive SS), but in this particular case it's actually true, even though he could probably stand to cut down a bit on the Jeter Jump. That said, we give Lugo full props for some amazing defensive plays in this game.


Aimee said...

I would absolutely buy a Manny Delcarmen Band t-shirt. In fact, I can guarantee that I'd buy at least three.

Anne said...

Oh sign me up for a t-shirt. I heart the bullpen band! And also, I think we need a Rookie Power! t-shirt.

D said...

Another thought..... Manny, keep the damn batting helmet on your head! No Boston blood to be shed on a "Rockie" field!

Emilie said...

Were a T-shirt to be created, there would be several copies purchased for the (unwillingly in) Philadelphia segment of the Nation.

I would also, hypothetically, buy a shirt that said Respect the Tek.

Just sayin'.

Anne said...

Sign me up for t-shirts. Seriously, my whole department would wear them. And my kids too. I heart the crew of the black pearl (and the parrot). And, yeah. Respect the Tek gear too. And Ellsbury and the Elf--hear them roar.

Just sayin'.

Kate said...

I would also be down for a Bullpen Band t-shirt and a Respect the Tek shirt. I'm just a sucker for blue eyed catchers.

TK said...

I would wear a Respect the Tek shirt in a heartbeat.