Friday, November 23, 2007

We do not remain lucid within our food coma in this house

We hope you're all having a lovely Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Mikey Lowell Contract Week of Joy. Our own celebratory plans were foiled by the MLB's lawyers and the folks at CafePress. Do any of you fine folks know a sneaky alternative where we could possibly get Manny Delcarmen's Bullpen Band T-shirts printed? Because the design's ready to rock, but apparently the name is taboo. Check with us if you have suggestions or questions. We want to make the magic happen!

Anyway, in lieu of jersey-knit gifts or deep hot stove analysis (we're getting a little scared of the "The Angels" Angels of Anaheim; is that just us?), we give you an excerpt from Robert B. Parker's novel Hundred-Dollar Baby, page 182 in the mass-market paperback:

"Is there anything you believe in?" I said.

"My wife," Belson said.

I nodded.

"Anything else?" I said.

"Maybe Jason Varitek."

He ate a third of his donut and drank some coffee.

"That's probably enough," I said.


Anonymous said...

Try this site for having the bullpen band t-shirts made;

Anne said...

what if it was just the MDC Bullpen Band?

Jess said...

Oh, that's just awesome.

Anonymous said... ?

SoxyLady said...

How about Manny D's Bullpen Band - or Delcarmen's Bullpen Band? Or 17's Bullpen Band...
I think you can't use their full name, or part of their name and number together but if it's either part of their name, or just their number you can do it. Maybe go with Senor Manuel's Bullpen Band? Dunno...just throwing out suggestions.

Steve said...

You're running into the same problem remy does with his shirts concerning logos, likeness etc.

I like Manny's Bullpen Band I'm not even sure you could use Delcarmen's Bullpen Band because it's too identifiable.

Good luck

TK said...


I've had almost that exact same conversation, although I'm pretty sure I'd add Mikey Lowell or Josh Beckett these days.