Saturday, September 29, 2007

We do not have words in this house


Texas Gal said...

You know, it's times like these that make me so very glad I don't play baseball-- because had I been interviewed in the lockerroom after that finish, I fear my only response would have been a long string of Beckett-like celebratory cuss words.

At least Papelbon dressed up for the occasion. And by "dressed up", I mean "didn't wear any pants".

lucky number 33 said...

Resolved: Red Sox Nation should refer to last night's celebration as The First Annual Jonathan Papelbon Pants-Off Dance-Off.


Liza said...

Honestly, Papelbon simply never fails to amaze me, whether in black spandex or his uniform. And Caroline, I quite agree. But it shouldn't be annual--don't we want to see more of those Montana-sized legs when they win the ALDS/ALDS/WS?

lucky number 33 said...

Good call, Liza! Let's make it a fortnightly event.

Texas Gal said...

I don't know why we can't have a showing after every Sox win.

Except that maybe the specialness would be diminished by too many occurrences?

NAH. Who am I kidding. There can never be too much.