Saturday, August 16, 2008

We do not give up the big inning in this house

A coworker called it, "a game you can tell your grandkids about." We're more apt to describe it as something we survived, barely, something we're still recovering from all these days later. A day so crazy we're still half-convinced Mikey Lowell successfully executed a double steal. We've tried a couple of times to piece together a narrative, to tell you all about Wally (not that one) and his stories and the 2004 World Series cup he brings with him to every game. We're pretty sure the sucker punch feeling of losing a 10-0 lead was the same whether you were at Fenway or sitting on your couch or at a bar, and we're just as sure that the sharp joy of Youk being Manny was just as universal. But Wally is one of a kind.

Tomorrow we're heading up to Portland to see Lars and Josh and all the little Sea Dogs. We're mostly hoping for a nice day: a good game and a chance to see all the Baby Sox before they're rookies of the year and pitching no-hitters up at Fenway, maybe even a win. We'll settle for no storms.*

*We may like pina coladas, but we're not quite as fond of getting caught in the rain.

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Michael said...

I came home to the ESPN front page, which said,

"Boston scores ten runs in the first..."

Ah. OK. Cool. A laugher. Nice. Just check back in for the final score in a little while. It's all good.

"...and is now TRAILING."

Full stop. Expel diet iced tea from mouth.

What the?


Of course, I followed the rest of the game on Gamecast, reeling and rocking with each subsequent event.

I'm still not over it.