Saturday, May 10, 2008

We do not respect the dome in this house

Quick notes:

1. Joe Posnanski is a hero of ours*, and his comments about intentional walks beautifully articulate something we've always felt, namely, that in most situations that shit is lame. As kids, we always thought we just didn't understand the finer details of baseball strategy that made it logical to put an extra runner on base rather than face him. Now we understand enough of the finer details to sound like giant geeks in front of reasonable adults--and it turns out that sometimes, traditional baseball strategy is just kinda dumb.

2. We're looking to expand our blogroll, both inside of and outside of Red Sox Nation. So if anyone out there has a favorite baseball blog to pimp to us, whether it's your own or someone else's, please let us know in the comments. What's your essential daily reading?**

3. Please win tonight, Red Sox. We'll be your best friends. Okay?

*We started doing the asterisk thing independently before we knew of his writing; the fact that the Poz has a similar stylistic quirk to us is entirely coincidental. Of course, he does it much more gracefully. Buzz Bissinger would say it's because he's a professional.

**If you don't mind, ask your friends, neighbors, and random strangers on the Internet this question, and welcome them to this post to comment with their favorite sports bloggery. We're really looking to expand our horizons. Or just procrastinate more efficiently.


Anne said...

Do you read Bill Burt, at the Eagle-Tribune?

fc said...

Well you got wish #3!

And a couple of blogs that I enjoy:


The View From 312 Feet

fc said...

Oops - I should have included two more:

A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory

Red Sox Chick

Clearly I have too much free time.

emilie said...

Chicks and Sticks said...

Ooh, can I really pimp my own blog? Well, it's half mine, but still...

We're two baseball chicks, and we're Red Sox fans!