Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We do not rock around the clock in this house

Yes, yes, we're the worst new bloggers ever--we're on strike until the Red Sox either stop playing like crap or our emotional bruises heal (plus we have day jobs)--but we just learned from FSN that there is a movement to bring Kevin Millar back to Boston.*

Now, normally we would say things about illogical trades and statistical reasoning (okay, or pretend to), but given our emotional state after the last couple weeks of baseball, we say, bring it on. Bring on the strippers. Bring on the beer and the "I'd Go Wicked Fah With Millah" T-shirts and the insane bearhugs and complicated handshakes. Bring on the guitar--hell, Bronson Arroyo went yard the other night, let's make a Cincinnati deal and reunite the band for a rousing half-speed rendition of "Dirty Water."


But we draw the line at reanimating Pokey Reese.

*Actually, we learned from the latest Friendly's Scoop. Which apparently airs on TV, and is no less ridiculously awesome on a large screen. And Jonathan Papelbon is all for the return of Millar, in case you were wondering about his thoughts. Is it because he will no longer have the reddest neck and silliest white-boy hair on the roster?


Elizabeth said...

Stop teasing me! I have an irrational fondness for Kevin Millar. That would be great. I have no idea whether it makes sense in terms of stats, but I think he was an important part of the team.

Oh, and you guys rock, by the way, for acknowledging Varitek as the hero of the Red Sox. He's my boy.

Soxy Lady said...

I love your site. I am adding you to my blog roll and to my daily RSS feed!

Greta said...

Dude, Millar is actually having a really good year. And no, you can't have him back.

lucky number 33 said...

Thanks, ladies!

Greta, I knew you would not be willing to pass the Millar back without a fight. What if we give you Wily Mo Pena and Joel "Son of Kal-El" Pineiro?